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How do I use it?
Simply switch it on when you park, display it on the dashboard, and switch it off when you return.
No more walking to a parking meter.


How do I pay?
Buy parking online by credit card, and load it onto your SmartPark via USB cable. Or for the classic model, buy a prepaid card from the City Council.

How does it save me money?

SmartPark is the only system that lets you pay only for the exact time that you park. ($1 minimum charge applies for all payment methods in Wellington)

If you park for 17 minutes, you only pay for 17 minutes.

There are no nasty transaction charges when using your SmartPark, and you don't get penalised for stopping parking early.

What if I'm early / late?
If you return to your car early, you can switch off your SmartPark to stop paying immediately, without any penalities.
Likewise, if your meeting runs longer than expected, you don’t have to rush back to your car to load more money.

Where can I use it?

Lower Hutt - HamiltonTauranga - Dunedin

SmartPark can be used in all on-street areas where you normally pay for parking - e.g Parking Meter areas, Pay & Display Areas etc.

It cannot be used in private car parks (e.g. Wilsons)

Can I view my parking activity?

Yes, all your parking history is stored by the meter, which might come in handy if your company wishes to reconcile parking activities, or to dispute an infringement notice.

Simply plug your SmartPark into your PC, and go to our website where you can view & print your parking history. For the classic model, take your prepaid card to Council offices for a printout.



What happens if I park and switch on SmartPark at 7.30am, but I'm in an area where you only need to pay from 8.00am onwards?

The SmartPark is clever - you can activate it before 8.00am and it will only start charging from 8.00am onwards. The SmartPark meter will only deduct fees during the hours of the day where parking is chargeable.

Will I get charged if I go over the maximum time?

No, the SmartPark Meter will not charge you for time parked over the maximum allowed time  (for example if you stay 40 minutes in a P30 area). However, you may be liable for an infringement notice.

How do I know which Zone/Area to select?

In Wellington and Hutt City, Parking Meters display a sign with the Area number, for example 'W01' or 'HC01'.

You can also park in Wellington's Coupon Parking Zone by using ZONE 13

In other cities, zone numbers are indicated on a special ZONE LIST supplied with your SmartPark Meter. To obtain a ZONE LIST please contact us on 0800 727 532

What happens if I display the meter but don’t switch it on?

It is the equivalent of not putting coins into a parking meter or not displaying a “Pay & Display" ticket, and could result in your being issued an infringement notice

What happens if I’m away from my car longer than expected?

You don’t need to worry about returning to your car if a meeting lasts longer than you expected, as the SmartPark keeps counting time parked automatically. However you may not exceed the maximum Parking Period allowed for the Area you are in.

Will I get charged if I go over the maximum time?

No, the SmartPark Meter will not charge you for time parked over the maximum allowed time  (for example if you stay 40 minutes in a P30 area). However, you may be liable for an infringement notice.

When will I receive the SmartPark I ordered?

You should receive your SmartPark within 3 working days - if you have not received it within this period please contact us on 0800 727 532

When will the batteries need to be replaced?

SmartPark is designed to operate for at least nine months of normal daily operations. When the batteries begin to get low, a warning will show on the SmartPark's screen.

Spare batteries should be kept on hand and are available from SmartPark for only $11.25 in total incl GST and delivery

Call 0800 PARK EASY or email

Clock - Do I need to adjust the clock?

The SmartPark meter has an inbuilt calendar & clock, and it is the user's responsibility to make sure it is always set at the correct date & time.

The reloadable SmartPark meter automatically updates itself every tmie you connect it to our website.

The older model SmartPark (with cards) must be manually set whenever required (e.g. daylight saving changes or flat batteries)

When you receive a new SmartPark meter, the clock will already be set correctly. However if you ever need to adjust  it, instructions can be downloaded here.

Can one SmartPark meter  be used in different cities?

The SmartPark meter can be used in different cities.

Reloadable model - parking credit for various cities can be loaded onto one meter.

Classic model - different cards are required for use in the various cities operating SmartPark.

If you have been using SmartPark in a particular city, you will need to clear the meter with that city's card, before inserting another city's card.

For example, if you drive from Wellington to Hutt, you will need to insert your Wellington Card to clear any parking sessions from the meter, before activating it with the Hutt Card.

My new $50 card only has $47 on it - why?

SmartPark always debits your Smart Card in arrears. This means that the first time you slot in a new card, any outstanding amounts from your previous parking session may be immediately deducted from the card - therefore a new card may 'appear' to have a lower balance than it's face value.

I only have $1 credit left on my card, but my parking session could cost $3.00, what will happen?

Because you do not need to guess in advance how long you will be, you can still activate your SmartPark with any amount of credit. The next time you use your SmartPark, the total parking fee will be deducted from whichever card you put into the meter.

ERROR MESSAGES - What do they mean?

When you insert your card you may get one of the following Error Messages:

'BATT' - Batteries are low

'BANK' - No credit remaining on card / card empty

'E 14' - Card not activated - needs activation by Council office/point of sale

If you get any other Error Message please contact SmartPark on 0800 727 532

When SmartPark is in operation, what does the screen display?

The LCD screen will show the Zone/Area you have selected, and the remaining time you are allowed to park, for inspection purposes.

If a parking infringement notice is, in my view, unjustly issued, can the parking data be retrieved?

Yes - you can take your Smart Card to Council outlets and obtain a print-out of all your parking activity, which shows exactly when and how long you have used your SmartPark - this can be used to verify/contest parking infringement notices.

If the card is stolen or lost, can it be used by someone else?

Yes, but only in another SmartPark unit. The card is like cash and should always be kept secure. There are no refunds on lost, unused or partially used cards.

What if I lose my SmartPark?

As the SmartPark Meter is rented, it remains the property of SmartPark Ltd. Insurance of the SmartPark Meter is the responsibility of the hirer/user.  If you lose your SmartPark then you will not be entitled to a refund of the Security Deposit paid upon ordering. It will be necessary to pay an additional Security Deposit to obtain a replacment SmartPark meter.

Should your SmartPark become lost or stolen you will need to complete a police report.

If you have lost your SmartPark Meter please contact us immediately on 0800 727 532

Does the card need to remain in a classic SmartPark while I'm parked?

No. The card is like cash and should always be held by the motorist. When you park your car, you slot the card into the SmartPark to commence the parking session. You then withdraw your card and take it with you when you leave the vehicle, so that only the SmartPark Meter is in the car while it is parked.

There is no risk of accidentally leaving the card in the Meter, as the SmartPark will not let you activate the parking session until the card is withdrawn.