Parking made easy

SmartPark takes the hassle out of parking

Have the ultimate convenience with your own personal parking meter

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The simplest way to park

Park your car  -  switch on your SmartPark  -  go about your business

No coins, no texts, no walking


SmartPark™ is  your own personal parking meter  -  no more walking to a parking meter or messing around with your phone.
When you park, just switch on your SmartPark, and switch it off when you return.

No more overpaying

With SmartPark™, only pay for the actual time that you park  -  park for 17 minutes, pay for 17 minutes.

Other payment methods force you to pay for a set period in advance.

(Note: $1 minimum charge for all parking payment methods in Wellington)

Track your expenses

On the road every day?  SmartPark is perfect for business use.  Not only does it make parking easier, but you can download all your parking and purchase history for easy reconciliation. No more pay & display receipts or petty cash!

Where can I use it?

In New Zealand, you can use SmartPark in these cities:


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